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Warning !!! There are aftermarket accessory dealers selling Cepek/ GT look alike knock off Hummer H1 wheels and CTI parts that are not the Real thing. In some cases the items have the same exact pictures I have on my website, but there is nothing in the description that says they are Cepek / GT parts. These wheels are not correct for an H1. They have the incorrect offset and do not have the correct load rating for a 10,300 lb. to 12,300 lb. GVW vehicle. Unless you specify genuine Cepek/GT parts, they will sell their own inferior cobbled together assemblies.

If you are thinking of ordering H1 wheels from a Wheel retailer, tell them that you want it in writing before you buy that the wheels are approved for use on, and safe for the Hummer H1. Some of these retailers have been known to  say that their wheels are certified and safe but but conveniently leave out "for the Hummer H1".  Here is a certification letter for the wheels we sell.

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