Hummer Adjustable Shocks
Guaranteed for Life

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Hummer Series 1 ERC H1 Remote Adjustable Shock System

Hummer Complete shock kit

4 Lifetime Warrantied adjustable shocks
Electronic Remote Control Kit

12 volt only.

Hummer H1 Lifetime Warrantied Adjustable Shocks with Manual Dial Adjusters

Hummer Shocks

Cepek / GT Heavy Duty Lifetime Warrantied Adjustable Shock for Hummer H1
These shocks weigh 10 lbs. each. These shocks are a real value when you take into account that the price of a Hummer shock from AM General is 268.00 (2012). You get a lifetime warranty, adjustable damping and a much better designed shock for a little more. This will be the last shock you will ever have to buy.

320.00 ea

Lifetime Warranty

Recomended Shock settings pdf

Hummer Series 1 ERC (Electronic Remote Control)

Hummer Complete shock kit

This controller allows you to adjust the handling of your truck from inside the cab.

For customers that already have a set of our adjustable shocks.


12 Volt Only

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Manual Shock Adjusting Knob Kit

Hummmer manual shock adjuster knob

The Knob Kit includes 4 knobs, 4 O-rings, and 8 Screws for the knobs.

(knobs are black, not red as shown)