Flash Off-Road Series I Digital Shock Controller



Tired of crawling under your truck and attempting to turn stiff adjuster Manual Adjusting Knobknobs. This system will solve all your problems and allow you to finally take command of one of the best shocks on the market. You can memorize up to 10 front / rear damping combinations and recall them at will.

The system microprocessor monitors and maintains the last selected settings. Front and rear settings can be changed independently at any time. Pairs of settings can be saved as “presets” and recalled later. The wireless remote digital controller remembers the last commanded settings when it has been de-powered and will return to those settings automatically upon power up. Everything is controlled by three push buttons. The status of the shock settings is shown by the LEDs on the right of the control panel, with the upper digit being the front and the lower digit being the rear. If a preset is being used, its number is shown by an LED on the lower left hand corner.

At any time during the operation of the system, the front and rear settings can be changed “on the fly” by simply pushing a button. After making changes, push the center button to activate them. If the changes are not activated within 10 seconds they will revert to the ones previously selected.

The controller has a built-in capability to re-calibrate itself if needed. To start calibration all you have to do is press and hold the left and right buttons simultaneously when turning on the ignition.

The controller is constantly on vigil to detect and report system problems. There is a point of light on the control panel that will flash every five seconds which indicates the system is functioning normally. If an error occurs an “L” will flash on the channel that is having problem. If the compressor runs too long at any time all three LEDs will display a “C” and the system will automatically shut down. Turning off the system will reset it.