Cepek - G.T. Inc. Simulock Aluminum Wheels

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GT wheels are the only aftermarket wheels that meet the H1 specs.
Because of the Geared Hub on the Hummer, All H1 Hummer wheels have a 7" backset. Backset is the distance from the back of the wheel to the inner edge hub contact plane of the wheel.

Mfg Certification letter

Red SimulockThese wheels are a combination of the best of both worlds. They combine the heavy construction of a Cepek Aluminum wheel and the look of a beadlock without the weekly maintenance (retorquing the bolts) that is typical with real beadlocks. All have 8 x 6.5 inch bolt pattern.

Shown with our exposed CTI 'D' spade hub protection, stock CTIS lines and 17" Goodyear MT/R tires.

Simulock Installation Instructions

Polished Aluminum Simulock Wheel Prices

The simulock rings are 1/4" thick with an OD of 18.525 and an ID of 14.187. Simulock rings have 22 holes that typically use button head stainless bolts.

The Simulock has an aluminum ring welded to it with 6 steel inserts pulled into the ring from the back. The ring has 22 bolts showing, 6 of which are attachment screws, and the other 18 are cosmetic. The 6 attachment screws are longer than the rest and pass through non-threaded holes into the inserts in the ring.

Looking to go to 17's but not loose the look of your 2 piece steel wheels? This is the closest you'll get to the 'Military' look of your old 16.5" Steel wheels.

Shown: blacked out exposed CTI Kit

Polished Aluminum Wheel with Grey painted ring and CTI Guard Plates

Simulock powdercoated blue to match a 1994Simulock powdercoated blue to match a 1994

18" Simulock, black ring and black cti plates Polished Aluminum 18" Simulock with a black bead ring and black exposed CTI Plates