Cepek - Hummer Wheels

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Cepek Hummer wheels are the only aftermarket wheels that meet the H1 specs.
Because of the Geared Hub on the Hummer, All H1 Hummer wheels have a 7" backset. Our Hummer wheels have the correct backset and the necessary 4500 lb. capacity rating per wheel. These wheels also have safety beads built into the standard wheels to keep from popping a bead at low pressures. You have the option of using our custom designed hidden or exposed CTIS (central tire inflation) kit.

Mfg Certification letter

17" H1 Aluminum Wheels

Hummer Polished A356-T6 Aluminum Wheel
Load capacity 4,500 lbs per wheel. This wheel with a GSA tire weighs 117 pounds. All our wheels have the standard 8 x 6.5 inch bolt pattern. Torque the lug nuts to 115 - 120 ft lbs.

8.50” X 17” - 435.00 ea

These wheels are easy to maintain. If they get a little dull or scuffed all you have to do is pollish them with Mother's PowerBall Metal kit which has a foam ball for your drill or polisher and special aluminum polish. Wipe them clean with baking soda and and finish up with a soft towel.

17" wheels

18" Hummer H1 Aluminum Wheels

Hummer Aluminum Wheel Polished with 8 x 6.5 inch bolt pattern.
Load capacity of 4500 lbs. - Weighs 38 lbs.

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Wheel shown with our Hidden CTI

Real Hummer H1 Beadlock Wheels

Beadlock Aluminum

The External Beadlock Ring securely attaches the tire to the rim for Heavy off-road abuse allowing you to run at low pressures. The beadlock ring uses 24 bolts to secure it to the wheel. These wheels also allow you to change a tire without a tire machine. If you have a blowout on the highway the tire is probably going to stay on the rim longer thus being safer. All have 8 x 6.5 inch bolt pattern.

Note: When mounting tires on beadlock wheels depending on the bead thickness it may be necessary to use special shims.


Instructions for Real Beadlocks

Hidden CTIExposed CTI

Our Aluminum Hummer wheel with Hidden CTI on the left and Exposed CTI on the right.

Real Beadlock Wheels
Real Hummer Beadlock wheels