Proud new owner to 1993 HMMWV, what to update and how?

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Proud new owner to 1993 HMMWV, what to update and how?

Post by johnnyrocket5363 » Sat 18 Mar , 2017 5:00 pm

Hi! I've been gone for a while, but I'm back!! I just bought a 1993 HMMWV 4 door troop carrier on an internet auction. I've been pouring over this thing the last day and a half. Everything seems pretty much okay, except apparently it was cannibalized before selling. All the half shafts are gone, the rear brake system is missing. No engine, transmission, transfer case, propeller shafts. However, I knew this going in, and got it for cheap.

My question is how can I update this thing? Ball joints are all mismatched, and I have 12K halfshafts I had bought earlier as well as two geared hub units I rebuilt with the 12K upper gear. What I'm wondering about are heavy duty ball joints, how hard is it to upgrade to 12K brakes, stronger u joints, and anything else I may not even know about yet.

This rig will be driven often and wheeled hard, often as a recovery vehicle for my buddies. Cheers!!

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