H1 Condensers

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H1 Condensers

Post by H1LM002G55 » Fri 23 Oct , 2009 6:32 pm


I am working on getting cold A/C in a truck without upgraded HVAC (non vacuum system). I do think this is possible and I have been doing some experimentation and asking around.

One issue that the H1 has is an inefficient cooling stack. The older style condensers I also believe to be an issue, as from my testing, they do not dissipate heat very well. I believe a newer condenser was introduced in 1997.5 with the updated vacuum HVAC system. This same condenser may have also been used on 1994 trucks.

AM General has offered different condensers over the years. Does anyone have any history of the condensers and the design changes?

It appears that ACME is no longer in business and was acquired by a Swedish company and is under new management and ownership- No tech support.

Thanks for any thoughts, opinions. Has anyone ever used an aftermarket condenser (Non AM General/OEM) with good results?

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