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New vids

Post by GreenMeanie » Fri 19 Oct , 2012 10:53 pm

Its nice to see flash is still the go to place for info. I just spent the last while reading the tech pages again.
I don't post a lot here anymore but i like to poke my head in once and a while and say thanks to Chuck and all the good folks here who helped support my addiction from early on. I learned a lot here and still do!!
I have been posting these around for folks to see on the other forums so for you guys that don't wander from here much, here ya go!!
Fast slide show of the build
Slower slide show of the features
The AMG Test Run
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Re: New vids

Post by chuck » Mon 22 Oct , 2012 10:04 am

Nice work. I wish I could do the jobs as fast!
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