Line x entire truck

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Line x entire truck

Post by 94redklzese » Thu 24 Jan , 2013 4:35 am

Has anyone on here line x their entire truck. I'm really thinking about it except I'm wondering I there would be any issues with the line x material it self as it is almost 3/16 thick once applied.
I've researched on the web and there has been a couple of people that had done hummers in line x and I just want some idea of what you have to look out for, for example the hinges on our truck are exterior mount and if u spray them will there be any issues with opening the doors.

I'd like for someone to lete know procedure and precautions I should take when I get this done
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Re: Line x entire truck

Post by h1sp » Thu 24 Jan , 2013 7:47 am

Some say no cons. “Just do it”

Some say:
1. “Fading” ... so you must clear coat (so what's the point?)
2. added Weight (our hoods might be a issue)
3. Joints, doors have trouble
4. Repairs
5. Most don’t like the look a year after its painted, maybe they get tired of it?
6. you might kill your resale value (smaller amount of buyers will be interested in your rig)

look around on some 4x4 forums (lots of talk about it)

Hope this helps
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