Oxidation on body

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Oxidation on body

Post by 94redklzese » Tue 26 Feb , 2013 6:06 pm

What is the best was to stop oxidization of the body my most major problem spot is in the rear door frames right under the steel door striker, I have a little hole right under the rubber moulding and its actuall releasing a honey type liquid. It actually sweats on some days. What is the best way to slow down or stop the corrosion process before it gets worse. I plan to paint the entire truck in a year and I don't want these holes that are the size of a peanut get any bigger. At first it appeared as a paint bubble and I poked it with a screwdriver only to find out that the screw driver dug out a 3/8 deep peanut size hole into the body. There is a lot of paint bubbling all over the truck so I figure I should start thinking on how I should fix this before it gets worse. I also want to know if those holes would be easily repaired when I do decide to paint the truck, and I don't mean just filling them with body filler, is there any other method used without replacing the entire panel.
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Re: Oxidation on body

Post by chuck » Wed 27 Feb , 2013 7:46 am

Read through this article:

Nothing you can do other than body work. You have to scrape everything around it to clean metal, if it's aluminum shoot it with etching primer and fix it.
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