1999 Hummer H1 wiring diagram

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1999 Hummer H1 wiring diagram

Post by slowbutsteady » Mon 24 Jun , 2013 1:08 pm

Hello All,

I purchased the 1999 parts and service CD (AM General). It does not contain the wiring diagram on it. The 1998 CD does have a wiring diagram but the wiring is not the same. Where can I can the wiring diagram for the 1999?

I need this for ignition wiring and other console wiring that is not in the 1999 manual.

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Re: 1999 Hummer H1 wiring diagram

Post by rsdeke » Tue 25 Jun , 2013 8:07 pm

For my 2000 I just look in the back of the electrical section (12) and it has all the connector pin-out info I can use for tracing circuits. Also, check page 12-39, in the 2000 manual it has the circuit diagram for the starter/ignition system.

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Re: 1999 Hummer H1 wiring diagram

Post by siamon » Thu 05 Sep , 2013 6:13 am

As far as I know your engine is all mechanical and doesn't have a 'fly by wire' throttle like the turbo diesels have. You do have a throttle position sensor tps.
I haven't worked on NA diesels. I didn't know it had a crank position sensor. On the td's I've had problems where the wire coming up from the front of the engine from the crank position sensor plugs into the harness has a poor connection. Try to find the wire and clean off where it plugs into the harness. I assume you can check the TPS with and ohm meter but I don't have the specs.

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Re: 1999 Hummer H1 wiring diagram

Post by GreenMeanie » Thu 12 Sep , 2013 6:45 pm

x2 At the end on section 12
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