Hummer died underway

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Hummer died underway

Post by Laf » Wed 03 Jul , 2013 9:15 pm

My 95/96 H-1, 6.2L, non turbo started up just fine. About a 1/4 mile from home, throttle control was lost. I pulled over and massaged the accelerator a few times and the engine went from an idle to full throttle and then quit running. A few moments later it restarted and then went to full throttle. I quickly killed the engine. Now it refuses to start. I pulled two generic codes. First was Crank Position Sensor and the second was Glow Plug Heater Circuit. This I suspected because it has developed hard starting. But on Maui at sea level temperature is not much of an issue. There are no obstructions to the accelerator rheostat. The Forum appears silent on accelerator rheostat failure. If it is a generic GM part then perhaps I could try a replacement, but I prefer to defer to other Forum members who may have a more direct path to a solution based on experience. Please chime in. Laf

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Re: Hummer died underway

Post by chuck » Wed 03 Jul , 2013 9:44 pm

As far as I know your engine is all mechanical and doesn't have a 'fly by wire' throttle like the turbo diesels have. You do have a throttle position sensor tps.
I haven't worked on NA diesels. I didn't know it had a crank position sensor. On the td's I've had problems where the wire coming up from the front of the engine from the crank position sensor plugs into the harness has a poor connection. Try to find the wire and clean off where it plugs into the harness. I assume you can check the TPS with and ohm meter but I don't have the specs.
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Re: Hummer died underway

Post by guinnesstout » Sat 06 Jul , 2013 10:43 am

TPS (the round small black box on the IP).
Throttle linkage stuck? (the bad joint would be under hood, on the driver fender area.)
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