Crank position sensor connector?

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Crank position sensor connector?

Post by Laf » Sun 07 Jul , 2013 9:02 pm

We have a 96 diesel non turbo H-1 Hummer that needs to have the crank position sensor replaced. NAPA supplied the part. The lead is about 18". It was easy to remove the original. When I fiddled with the wire to try and identify where on the top of the engine it was connected, about 12 inches of the wire and harness, fell out in my hand. Rats had eaten entirely through the 3 wire harness and protective cover. Three of us have searched exhaustively and cannot find the two halves of the connecting plug. I even removed the four bolts and lifted the air compressor out of the way and still no visible connector with a wire tail. Can some one pin point, with a photo if possible where we can expect to find the connector. Perhaps the NAPA supplied part with the approximate 18" lead is the wrong one, but I doubt it. It is unlikely that the rats ate the wiring on both sides of the two part connector and it fell to the ground. More than likely I haven't looked in the right place yet. Any help? Laf

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Re: Crank position sensor connector?

Post by rickcrebbin » Mon 08 Jul , 2013 12:10 pm

Hi Laf:

I checked the 96 manual and can't find a reference to the crank position sensor. I did find the engine speed sensor but the drawing shows two wires not three. Could you tell me exactly where the sesnor is? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

The drawing I'm looking at does not show a discreet cable; it connects to a bigger chunk of harness:
nt harness.JPG
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