Hummer H1 ABS TT4 question

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Hummer H1 ABS TT4 question

Post by slowbutsteady » Mon 23 Sep , 2013 5:27 pm

Hello All,

I have the dreaded 2-6 ABS code. I purchased a replacement shuttle valve, seals, etc. and installed them. I also purchased a second (tested) Webco. I installed a new shuttle valve on it too. I removed the internal shuttle valve connector so that I do not have connection problems in the future.

When I removed the Webco unit it had no resistance across the shuttle valve wires so the shuttle valve switches were bad. When I installed the new shuttle valve and seals it measured 3k ohms. If either button is pressed it is 2k. If both are pressed then it is 1k.

The problem I am having now is I am still getting the 2-6 code. When I connect my ABS to a Kent-Moore breakout box I find that I get 3k with no pressure on the brake pedal. I get 1k if the brake pedal is pushed all the way. I do NOT get 2k when pushed half way.

What is wrong?

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Re: Hummer H1 ABS TT4 question

Post by h1sp » Tue 01 Oct , 2013 7:24 pm

Hmmm The manual says: Check the valve relay, fuse and wiring. Clear codes.

How are you clearing?
your code?
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