40" Wheels with no lift?

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40" Wheels with no lift?

Post by Matthew » Wed 24 Sep , 2014 9:43 am

Hey Guys-

I know there is a great article on the site on how to do a body lift in order to use a 40" tire, however, I noticed that some used car dealers that flip H1s and put on aftermarket rims are installing 40" tires with no lift.

Does anyone currently have this setup? From photos it looks like there is not much clearance and defiantly the possibility of rubbing. I was just curious because I have seen it on a handful of trucks now. I do not want to do a body lift if I do not have to in order to accommodate the larger tire.

What do you guys think?


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Re: 40" Wheels with no lift?

Post by chuck » Wed 24 Sep , 2014 10:02 am

First here's what I think about the used car dealers. Most of the wheels that are turning up on these trucks are incorrect aftermarket wheels.
http://flashoffroad.com/features/buying ... ealer.html

You can put 40's on your truck as long as you don't hit any bumps or turn your steering wheel hard right or left. Make sure the tires are the correct load range. I wouldn't go off road with it. Hit one good bump and the tire could break your hood.
Here's my article: http://flashoffroad.com/features/Tires/ ... #bookmark3
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Re: 40" Wheels with no lift?

Post by h1sp » Wed 08 Oct , 2014 4:49 pm

Hi Matt
You should think about 38's. give that full look and all. 40's without a lift look "tire heavy" not in proportion. You want to keep the original wheel offset or you could be replacing hub seals. im all about dependability, so I keep everything stock. The Hubs were engineered with the OEM offset ... im not smarter than a engineer.
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