Differential Article

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Differential Article

Post by dailydriver » Fri 06 Mar , 2009 2:11 pm

In the article "Differential whats involved?" http://www.flashoffroad.com/Maintenance ... urself.htm. I believe there is a error. It states "all the trucks up to and including 1998 have T2 diffs." It should read all the trucks up to and including 1998 have T1 diffs. The change from T1 to T2 took place in 1999. A small oversight. Unless I'm wrong, which is possible. However, thanks for the great site. I can not express how much time and money this site has helped save while maintaining my truck.
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Re: Differential Article

Post by chuck » Sun 08 Mar , 2009 10:18 am

You're right! It's funny. I just started updating that article yesterday.

I picked up a spare diff from a friend that I'm going to use to install a locker in. I hadn't taken it out of the box to see if it was a t1 or t2. I went to my website to check that very article. I ended up adding the pictures of the ID tag on the diff and didn't realize I still had the T1 vs T2 mistake. It's fixed now.

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