Gotta sell some HUMMER stuff.

A place for private parties (no dealers) to sell Hummer Stuff. Best of all IT's FREE
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Gotta sell some HUMMER stuff.

Post by wow » Fri 10 Apr , 2009 9:52 pm

My business is officially in the toilet since last October, and I've used up my reserves. In an effort to NOT have to sell the HUMMER I need to generate some cash. Many of these items are already listed elsewhere, but I need them to be gone. I can email pictures of most items, I just don't know how to post them here.

If you have interest in any of the following, contact me and we'll work something out. Please use EMAIL to wow at as I do not check PM's very often. If you want me to call you, just send me your number.

*PAIR* Rear Variable-Rate Springs - USED - $400 delivered to the lower 48.

Complete set of 4 17" GSA's on OEM Aluminum Wheels. Includes runflats, CTIS covers, and CTIS hardware. Tires are off a 2001 and have about 55-60% tread left. Wheels are in good condition - never off-roaded. $2000 plus shipping.

*Scrapped* - Gasser Fuel Filler Pipe
Qty 2 - Gas Fuel Fiiler Pipe.

*Scrapped* - Heating/Cooling door for '95 or '96 HUMMER

Fan for 6.2 NA Diesel - USED. AMG Part Number 5939560 = $50 + $12 shipping.

*Scrapped* - Gray Interior Pieces, left and right B-Pillar Trim Gray AMG Part Number 6009125G and 6009126G.

Complete H1 diesel exhaust system including crossover, CAT, and muffler. Not sure how i'd get it shipped, but if you have ideas let me know? Perhaps could be taken apart near the middle and bundled together? Complete assembly sells for over $1500, but this is USED (in great shape) so make me an offer?

Similar to above, but does not include the crossover piece. Exhaust system from the CAT back - Includes CAT, muffler, and tailpipe. Make me an offer.

Set of used shocks. These are the stock factory stocks, removed so the ORA guys could install their racing shocks. They are USED and I have no way to test them - make me an offer.

*Brand NEW* Black Hummer Soft Top Canvas Cargo Extension / SquareBack - genuine AMG part. Complete with bows and all hardware. NEW, never installed BUT mice got into the package and chewed a small hole approximately 2" in the top. Otherwise in perfect new shape. Current price from Adventure Accessories (where I bought mine) is $1499, but obviously it's worth less due to the damage. Make me an offer.

Set of 3 gasser lift pumps (the ones in the gas tank). All run when 12 volts is applied briefly (just long enough to turn them over).

Set of Gray Leather seat covers. Made by Katskinz (sp?) not AMG. No tears, but some discoloration.

Genuine AM General Tire Carrier, complete with the adaptor so you can mount alloy wheels. Good used condition, but might benefit from a coat of paint. Make an offer.

I may have more to add later.
Wayne O. Wenzlaff
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Re: Gotta sell some HUMMER stuff.

Post by wow » Sat 11 Apr , 2009 1:47 am

*SOLD* - set of HID headlights with Halogen Highbeams. These look like regular headlamps from the front.
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Re: Gotta sell some HUMMER stuff.

Post by wow » Sat 11 Apr , 2009 1:52 am

I also have slightly damaged genuine AM General deluxe wrap-around brush guard. The tubing on one side is slightly bent and pushed back perhaps one inch. It is also missing one of the rubber 'bumper' strips which you can order from Lynch for about $63. This would be a perfect start for making a "Mad-Max' type guard, or could be fixed easily if you know how to work with tubing - which I don't. :evil: Again, I can email pictures.
$200 plus shipping.

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Re: Gotta sell some HUMMER stuff.

Post by h1sp » Sun 12 Apr , 2009 10:49 am

check your PM
i may want a part or two
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