H2 Roof water leak

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H2 Roof water leak

Post by h1sp » Tue 01 Jul , 2008 11:29 am

After a big down pour “rain”
We noticed some drips from the H2 head liner (cleaned it up before it stained)

First thought: Sun roof seal or Sun roof drains are plugged up.

It’s a shame but the dealership fear was running thru my mind…. “NOOOOOOOO”

After inspection:

It was the clearance lights ..
The lights are not sealed very tightly and they were loose to the touch. (Gasket had dried out)

I used some RTV sealer around the gaskets.

The next day … another down pour …. “No leak”

A 30 minute job saved me a day trip, full of hassle at the dealership.

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Post by Rich » Mon 07 Jul , 2008 10:58 pm

Don't count your chickens just yet. ;)

My H2 leaked but only sometimes. It was the sunroof.

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