This is America?

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This is America?

Post by SilverRide98 » Wed 18 Jul , 2007 4:49 pm

I saw this today and I am disappointed. ... ?gt1=10227
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Post by h1sp » Thu 19 Jul , 2007 7:52 am

saw it too.
bunch of wack jobs runnin the streets.

With all the issues in the USA today, some are still acting up and trying to dismantle the fiber that holds us together.

if its about fuel? stop the Cruse ships, all the homes that pour heat from leakin windows, the private jet planes, all SUV's..... etc....

Someone has to do something, or this type of action will soon be acceptable..... just like back yard fighting. "Some people are idiots".

He should cry 1 day, then claim it on "insurance", re build it BIGGER and BETTER. keep working so he can buy more. Don't allow the eco freaks to pull him down.

Its funny, "even though its all broken up".... that H2 "Still" looks BAD A$$.

"Nice ride dude"

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