Flash Off-Road History

The history, purpose and aims of Flash Off-Road
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Flash Off-Road History

Post by chuck » Wed 17 Jan , 2007 4:35 pm

A little background:

I've been a car / motorcycle enthusiast starting way back in 1969 when I bought a new Harley XLCH Sportster. My next vehicle was a 1968 Camaro. Then I had my Corvette stage with a 67 stingray and a 68 427/ 435. In the early 70's I was sent out to the Boulder CO area on an engineering project. In 1975 I bought a new CJ-5 and wheeled all over CO. This was way before the 4wd SUV craze. When I brought the Jeep back home to Chicago I was a real 'fish out of water'. Along the line I had a Nissan 240Z, 280Z, a 300ZX and a 88 Porsche 928. Since then I've had a 78 International Scout, Nissan Pathfinder, Mitsubishi Montero, a 1995 gas Hummer, 1996 turbo diesel Hummer and I now have a 1998 white turbo diesel Hummer wagon. I have always performed all the maintenance on my cars and trucks.

In 1980 I quit working for the big Corporations and started my own computer consulting business which remains active today. My other passion is Photography which I've been doing since 1967.

Back in the early days of Hummer ownership around 1992 to 1995 there were no resources for advice and parts other then the dealers. An early group out of CA called the Hummer Owners Association formed and put out a newsletter that was anxiously read by all owners. This was the early days of email and the web was not a phenomena yet. I used to get emails all the time asking the same questions. I actually had pre-written emails with answers to the most common questions.

As the web finally became popular AMGhummer.com went live on October 30th 1998 as as a easy place for me to post answers to many of the questions that were constantly being asked by email. The webpage was also the home for our local Chicago Area Hummer Club which was very active at the time. This medium let me post pictures which as we all know tell a much more comprehensive story.

My modus operandi is to write comprehensive articles showing all the how to steps and to provide detail pictures and information on all the parts, tools and prices involved. Some owners read the articles and decide that the job is beyond their capabilities. Others, read the articles because they want to see the tricks on how a particular job is done before they break out the tools. Over time many of the articles have been perfected because I have received feedback from my readers and incorporated it into the piece.

This site has grown to be the largest most organized repository of Hummer Information on the web with many articles written by me and contributing authors.

Readers started getting back to me telling me that they had gone out and bought many of the products I wrote articles about. I decided to become a dealer for the best ones and the 'Equipment for Sale' part of the site was born.

When GM took over the Hummer brand from AM General I felt that I needed to start developing another identity because one day GM could send me a letter and compel me to stop using the Hummer name. I also felt that being tied solely the Hummer might be limiting. Thus Flash Off-Road was born.

To this day I get emails and calls all the time asking for advice on Hummers. I felt that the time has come to have a forum primarily dedicated to the technical aspects and support of these unique trucks.

Chuck Kopelson

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