Speedometer Cable Replacement on 92 & 93 Hummers

Speedometer Article

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  1. Remove the doghouse
  2. Remove the engine cover
  3. lower the steering column by removing the bolt located under the dash so that you can get access to the rear of the speedometer.
  4. Remove the driveshaft nut and the "O" ring.
  5. Push the cable and grommet through the firewall.
  6. In the engine compartment you will need to remove the clamp securing the cable.
  7. Remove the clamp located on the transmission that is also holding the cable in place.
  8. Remove the driveshaft nut from the "right angle" adapter that is connected to the rear part of the transfer case.


  1. Install the new speedo cable making sure you get the square end of the cable in to the adaptor.
  2. Tighten the driveshaft nut.
  3. Run the cable up through the firewall and to the back of the speedometer.
  4. With the "O" ring in place, connect the speedometer cable to the back of the  speedometer/ odometer making sure it engages into the square hold in the speedometer,  
  5. Tighten driveshaft nut.
  6. Install the clamps to hold the cable in place on the transmission and in the engine compartment. 
  7. Install the engine cover.
  8. Carefully test drive slowly down the street and make sure all is working okay.

While testing, if you see the odometer bouncing, you will need to check the cable for any tight corners and reduce the bends some how. If all is okay, install the doghouse and you are complete.

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In my opinion, the speedometer cable was a little too short and forced the cable to have a tight bend in the area of the dash and engine firewall.  After replacing it and the right angle gear box a few times I replaced the whole speedometer system with an electronic unit.