Military Front Blackout Light

Click Here for Blackout Light with Winch Socket

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Mounting Brackets

Mil hookup wireThis is what you need. The blackout light, military connector and the 2 brackets used to mount on the Hummer / Hmmwv. I got the light and connector for 42.00 in an ebay auction. The brackets were 8.00 for both. I've seen the lights for sale for 65.00 at surplus places.

Part Numbers: (these prices are old)
Bracket: 12338685 @ $14.32 each
Spacer plate: 12338606 @ $8.75 each

Under the coverPainted all the parts

I primed and painted all the parts Black.

Hood opening for lightTake the bottom plate and use it as a template. Use a hole saw and cut a 7/8" hole in the hood. Then use a 1/4" drill for the 4 mounting holes. Put the light in place and locate the position for the rear hole. Use the 5/8" hole saw or drill.

NOTE:  You need to ground the bottom bolt for the light to work.

Bottom mountingPut the bottom pieces together and add a ring style wire connector (not shown) to use as a ground. Snug up the 9/16" nut. Plug the rear military connector into the light (if you have one) and feed it through the rear hole as you place the light assembly into the holes. Install the bottom plate under the hood and tighten the 4 nuts. I used 10-24 nyloc locking nuts.

Splice the military connector to one of the hot wires for the running lights. I made my splices by soldering the wires together, painting them with brushon electrical tape with shrink tubing. Don't forget to put the shrink tubing on the wire before you solder it. Then run a ground wire to the ring connector on the bottom mounting post.

CompleteThis shows the blackout light with my Milemarker winch controller plug mounted on the face.