How to Install a MileMarker 10,500 or 12,000 Pound Two Speed Hydraulic Winch

Choosing a Winch Article
Use a Seperate Hydraulic Pump
Install Your Winch Socket in a Military Blackout Light

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Hydraulic or Electric? Hydraulic winches pull and pull and keep pulling without overheating and cutting out. Because they use hydraulic pressure the engine has to be running for them to work. Electric winches pull great until they overheat or the battery runs down. Electric winches can draw as much or more current then the starter so if the truck isn't running there is a good chance that the winch will drain the battery and quit anyway.

Here are my thoughts. If you're stuck, I mean really stuck, and your truck won't start, winching yourself out with an electric winch accomplishes what? You're unstuck with a truck that won't start... and your battery may be dead to boot.

The instructions that came with my Mile Marker winch really stink. Unless you are a knowledgable mechanic you will not be able to install the winch without the help of these directions. These winch installation instructions are complete with pictures of each step showing the hydraulic connections and all wiring connections. There are pictures of the valves showing where the little o rings go too. Included is a section on known problems and trouble shooting.

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