Winch Rope

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Search for Amsteel Blue I recommend 3/8" line for Hummer use.

The average strength of Amsteel Blue 3/8" is 19,600 lbs; the average strength of Amsteel Blue 7/16" is 23,900lbs . 7/16 is not only overkill in strenth and cost but takes up more room on your winch spool, which robs power from your winch pulls . On a 10k or 12k winch and an 8, to 10,000 lb vehicle you are just throwing you access $ away. And standard wire rope that comes stock on a 12,000 lb winch is 3/8 (and has far less strenth at average 14,400 lbs) only Warn M15,000 is made for 7/16 WIRE rope fro mthe factory (which is still weeker than Amsteel blue 3/8")

I put the Master Pull Vectron ($218) on my Warn 12000. I like it a lot. The first 12 feet is a orange heat resistant synthetic and then the rest is gray - it looks just like steel wire. The stuff is light, strong and we are quite satisfied with it. It goes into a square when under tension.

The people at Master Pull 877 797-0202 were very nice also - but their Hawkens fairlead did not fit my H1. I ended up with one from OK Offroad 918-294-3754.

Sept 19, 2004 -

Just got the new composite fairlead for the Mile Marker E12,000 that I'm running with Amsteel synthetic winch line in.  Outside of being really low profile (better aproch angle) It will take far more punishment than the stock roller fairlead (if you hapen to nose into a monster bolder of tree stump), it will never rust and weighs a 10th of the roller faillead. Composite fairleads aslo give you the smooth running surface to protect your valuable syntetic line from the abrasion and it cant get caught in the corners between the rollers.


According to the manufacturer, you want to use an aluminum hawse fairlead. I purchased everything including a big nasty hook from They had the best price of anybody when I went looking a year ago.

There has been quite a bit of talk on switching to synthetic winch line lately. I got a 100 foot 7/16" line and it fits just right on my MileMarker E12000. 125' won't fit.