Mt. Blanca in Alamosa CO.

Ouray Silverton and Telluride Colorado Trail Report

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The Mt. Blanca trail (Como Lake Road) is one of the roughest trails in the state located east of Alamosa not far from the Great Sand Dunes. It's a long trail that has at least 2 spots where the Hummers had to winch through. We headed out to the trail before sunrise and got back to Alamosa around 4:00 pm.

Early on one of the trucks drove a little too close to the edge and slid down some loose rocks on the side of the trail. Two of us strapped and winched the truck back onto the trail. This occurred right before the 'Jaws 1' obstacle which is a 3 foot slice of rock that runs diagonally across the trail.

Jaws 2 is an uphill rock hump with a shear wall on the right and a dropoff on the left. This is probably the most dangerous part of the trail because trucks have been known to slide off on the left side. I don't remember Jaws 3 but after it you come to Lake Como and then Jaws 4. At the top you can park and hike to the top.

POSTED: 6:39 am MDT August 9, 2004

DENVER -- A Colorado Springs couple was killed and two young boys were seriously injured in a weekend accident on a narrow mountain road. Daniel Gluklick, 50, and his wife Jeanine, 47, died after their Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled at least 800 feet down a mountain at Imogene Pass on Saturday, said Sgt. Lawrence Oletski said. The pass near Telluride is at 12,000 feet. Their son Cole Gluklick, 11, and friend Ian Nordstrom, 7, were injured. No one was wearing a seat belt and all four were thrown from the vehicle.
The Jeep had pulled over to let another car pass. When it attempted to get back on the road, the Jeep drove on some rocks which lifted one side of the vehicle. The Jeep then rolled off the embankment. "There was just too much of a shift to one side," Oletski said.

At the beginning of the trail this truck slipped off the side

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