An H2 Compared to a Suburban

H2 Bulletins Article

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NO its not a burban but its really not a stretch to compare the two. The front end part numbers are only different because it is "hummer" and "chevy", just like GMC and chevy parts often have a different number, although they are exactly the same. I'm a tech at a gmc /hummer /chevy garage so I can supply you with all kinds of info. The front suspension design is the same on the two, same torsion bar suspension, same 9.25" 2500 GM center section and so on. The h2 does in fact have better approach and departure angles, water depth I can't confirm (they don't teach tech's that crap) but since the h2 is higher we can easily assume it to be true. Depending on the year, the burb may have a new process transfercase with 2.72:1 gear ratio or the newer BW version. The hummer has a BW with 2.64:1 low range. When talking t-cases; generally you'll find lower gearing (numerically higher) is more desirable but it is possible that the Borg Warner is stronger than the older NP.

Shocks and sway bars are different. The h2 has a bigger sway bar to make up for the extra weight (yep, they outweigh a burban, by like 1200 lbs). The trannys were the of the same 4L60-65e variety which is just the newer version of the 700r4 with some new bells and whistles. Newer burb's have the same linked rear suspension as the hummer which is actually almost an exact copy of a jeep TJ or Z rear suspension. The rear axle is the GM 14 bolt, same in the two but also different. The hummer GM 14 bolt is different because it has the electronic locker but otherwise it is the same. The burban 14 bolt could be purchased with the optional gov-loc, it was a full locking rear diff that would automatically lock when you started spinning a tire, it would remain open on the street. The hummer has undercarriage protection, the burban had it but it was only as an option. Gas, coal, timber and other companies who use these full size trucks in the outdoors always bo ught them with the skid protection.

The frames are different in specs (length, bend degrees) just like there is a difference from a tahoe to a burban but it's still basically the same GM platform. So no, you don't have a burban with a hummer body no more than a burban is a tahoe with a burban body. They are different but still genetically very close to the same.