Maintain Your Folding Side Mirrors


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The hinges on your side mirrors are designed to fold in or out with minimum force. If you don't lubricate the folding hinges they will seize up .

Pop off the plastic cover on the top and the bottom with a small flat blade screwdriver. Remove the cotter key from the bottom.

Using two ratchets with 3/4 inch sockets, hold the upper bolt head and remove the lower castle nut. A washer and spring should come out once the nut is removed.

Now using a plastic hammer, beat the bolt from the bottom (ground) to remove it from the top. If necessary use a long punch or a 3/8 extension bar to continue to push it out.

Once the bolt is out the mirror comes apart. Use a long screwdriver with a wide handle to hold the halves in place by inserting it into the bolt hole so the mirror doesn't free fall and break wires or damage your paint.

Clean the flat stainless mating surfaces if needed. Apply anti-seize.

Clean the bolt using Emory cloth or wire wheel. Apply anti-seize.

Reassemble. When tightening the lower castle nut check the force needed to fold the mirror. Once it is correct replace the cotter key.

Replace the two plastic trim caps. I used some weatherstrip adheasive to hold them in.

You might want to drill a small hole in the lower plastic trim cover so it can drain better. Replace the top trim cover.