How to Rebuild a Pre-1997.5 Acme Heater Unit

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Any good radiator shop should be able to rebuild or make you a new core. One source is Cool Heat, Inc Located at 2859 W. Montrose, Chicago (773) 588-8393. Note: Do not pressure test a heater core over 15 psi. You will distort the tubes and stress the structure.

You must thoroughly clean, disassemble and inspect the unit. This requires cutting apart the numerous rivits without destroying the fragile plastic case. Next the pieces are carefully pulled out of the black mastic glue taking care not to bend, break or crack any of the parts. The heater core is replaced with a brand new heavy duty unit (much better then the original) and all of the componants are reassembled and tested from the vent dampers to the blower motor.

Blower speed resistors are internal to this unit

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