The 2004 H1

2006 Alpha Review

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The dealers finally received the 2004 H1's this week. I went out to the local dealer to check them out. The first thing you'll notice is the 'Optimizer' lettering on the hood. Open the door and the whole interior is new. The styling is definitely GM. All the trucks have leather. The headliner material is a soft plastic instead of a fuzzy material. The power locks and windows have been moved to the center. Under the window switches are 2 switches for the front and rear e-lockers. Looking around the exterior you will notice that the whole body is sprayed with a black undercoating type of material. It's everywhere. This must be the 'encapsulated' body they were talking about.

Looking in the engine compartment the black inlet air plenum has been changed. The change was to accommodate a HFM meter - part of the new engine management system from Caterpillar that meets the stricter EPA requirements for Diesels. The HFM measures the amount of air flowing into the engine - allowing more precise control of fuel. You can just barely make it out in one picture from the engine compartment. According to the techs at my dealership (who were doing the arrival inspection on their 2004 (open top) yesterday) the engine computer is now under the hood - a sealed unit ala the duramax. It also looks like they have different horns.

I didn't have a chance to drive it but I did sit in it while it was running. It wasn't that quiet while sitting but the salesman said that once it warms up and you start moving it's much quieter.

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