Year-by-Year Differences

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This list documents some, not all, of the changes made to the Hummer from 1992 through 2006. This list is not comprehensive as an estimated 7000 changes have been made over the years. Note the 2005 model year was skipped and the 2006 is the Duramax Alpha. GM has discontinued the H1 as of June 2006.

A word on paint colors: The list only reflects "production" colors which make up about 90% of the Hummers produced. Some of the other 10% are painted at the factory, but in a specially requested color. These trucks will not be found on the list. For example Bob Anderson drives a '95 wagon (SE161064) which is Fly Yellow. His was the first ever truck to be painted in Fly, but the color did not enter production until '97, hence Fly Yellow is listed in '97, not '95. :

1992 - VIN 10th Digit = N


1993 - VIN 10th Digit = P The "LE" badges were taken off of the side panels b/c all 93's were shipped with the features of the 92 Limited Edition.


1994 - VIN 10th Digit = R


1995 - VIN 10th Digit = S


Later in the 1995 production year: VIN 159405 and later VIN 163985 and later VIN 164000 and later VIN 167017 and later Various points in production :



1996 - VIN 10th Digit = T



1997 - VIN 10th Digit = V

Later in the 97 production year: VIN 176477 and later, commonly referred to as "97.5" VIN 176780 and later COLORS:

1998 - VIN 10th Digit = W

Later in the 98 production year VIN 179962 later VIN 180123 and later Unknown point COLORS:

1999 - VIN 10th Digit = X


2000 - VIN 10th Digit = Y


2001 - VIN 10th Digit = 1


2002 - VIN 10th Digit = 2

2003 - VIN 10th Digit = 3

2004 - VIN 10th Digit = 4

There is no 2005 model

2006 Alpha HUMMER H1 (The last model year for the H1)
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