Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes his Exit at Hummer Homecoming with a Video Shoot for Road and Track

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I found out how the whole thing got started. Kate Apgar sent me the following email: Just wanted to give you a little background on how Arnold and Motortrend got together FWIW......when I was arranging the "invisible caravan" from South Florida to South Bend for the HH02, I was fooling around on the computer and checked out Motortrend's website. I noticed they were taking an H2 from Alaska to Key West. So I emailed them and suggested the H2 stop off at HH02 - made tons of sense to me and I thought they would like the PR stuff, what with all the Hummers, plus Arnold. I figured my email would orbit around the black hole that some magazines seem to have and would never hear back from them (silly me). Two weeks later, Motortrend called me to arrange the meeting!!!! At this point I knew I was in over my head and handed the project over to the GM/AMG PR people and the rest is video history : )

The video was shot at the last Hummer Homecoming. After Arnold was presented with his new H2 birthday present he drove out to the woods of the test track like a bat out of hell. Following was another H2 manned by some kids at the test track and Mark Sanders driving his H1 with me as a rider. The caravan stopped at a clearing in the woods where the camera crew was waiting. The video shoot took about 20 minutes.

That's where I shot these photos. Then Arnold got back in the H2 and really took off with the other H2 and us following in very hot pursuit. Sanders had no problem keeping up but the 2nd H2 got stuck. and blocked us from following. It's possible that they did it on purpose so they could let Arnold get away and back to the airport.