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Here you can find hundreds of articles featuring guides, tutorials, and information about Hummers and accessories. In addition to this, the site features an online store where you can buy many of those accessories. You can browse through the different articles, all of which display pictures, main features, and price. You can purchase some of them with your credit card and Paypal.

You can find an online forum where you can meet other Hummer enthusiasts, share comments, and information. Of course, the site is full of Hummer pictures and you can also find links to related websites as well as Hummer history and different trivia. Finally, you can access to a tech page with technical information about many different aspects of these vehicles such as maintenance, suspension, accessories, drive train and improvements among others.

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The information presented on this site is a result of my own work and information gathered from other persons that have worked on their trucks. The articles on this site are for information only and intended to give the reader an appreciation of what it takes to work on your truck. Armed with knowledge will help you when you bring your truck into a professional repair facility.

Many of the procedures outlined on this website require special tools, advanced levels of mechanical expertise and are presented for illustrative purposes only and have been performed by experienced technicians. Many of the procedures outline maintenance on critical systems such as steering and brakes where errors in work can result in an accident. Before you attempt to work on these systems it is imperative that you know what you are doing!!!

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