Cool Hummer Video Clips


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There are many video formats (mpg, wmv) for the web. Each format requires a program on your computer in order to play. Another consideration is the time to download. Video files are typically large because there are 20 to 30 frames/pictures per second. A 3 meg file on a high speed dsl or cable might take 30 seconds while a phone modem connection could take 15 minutes.

Classic - Idiot in a Pathfinder

HMMWV's Shooting Guns

Tony's 4 wheel Steering

This is a 3 meg MPG

This setup was designed and built by Tony Bartel in Wisconsin. He took a double acting cylinder and bolted it to the rear frame. The ends of the cylinder were attached to the radius rods. he used pressure from the power steering pump through an electric valve that he controlled from the front with a double throw spring loaded toggle switch. He setup the system so he could drop a big bolt through some holes in the rear to ensure that it wasn't used on the road.  I took a video while I was following him down a forest trail road in South Dakota.

From what I remember a fabricated center link is bolted to each of the radius rods with a double acting hydraulic cylinder bolted to the rear cross member driving it. He had an electric double acting solenoid valve controlled with a spring loaded toggle switch on the dash. He had a bolt that he put through the mechanism to lock it from turning when on the road. 

Hummer runs down a Honda after a holdup

2.4 meg WMV

Jeep flips in Moab

This is a 1 meg WMV