Supplies and Tools to Take Off-Road

John Klotte AMG Field Service Rep Tool List

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I couldn't remember all the tools and parts I have in my truck so I just started to take them out, spread them on the floor and take pictures. I accumulated this over the last 10 years of owning 3 H1's.

I had been on many off-Road trips where AMG sent factory support. For many years there were 2 master Hummer technitions, John Ward and John Klotte who were the mainstay of Hummer field factory support. They told us stories of how they would be called to fly all over the world to troubleshoot and repair trucks. This is a list of the tools in their carry-on bags.
John Klotte's Tool list (with AM General)

This is what I carry in my truck.



Dash BoardThis is my ICOM IC-706MKIIG Amateur radio. Yes, I have a General Ham license - W9HMV. Next to it is my Garmin 176c GPS.

ToolsA few years ago I got tired of taking all my sockets and wrenches from my
big tool box whenever I went off road so I bought one of those Craftsman
tool kits that has metric and sae wrenches and sockets. It has 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" drive ratchets with long and short sockets and some hex wrenches. They usually have them on sale for 100 bucks.

This is a set of halfshafts and a tierod assembly for an H1. Also pictured is a tow/ pull strap and my military storage box. The tow strap is probably one of the most used items. Make sure you get a very heavy duty one because the hummer is an 8000 lb truck. If I were getting a strap today I'd get one made out of the new super strong plastics like Amsteel Blue.

If you don't want to buy a new tierod assembly or ball joints see if you can get some old worn out parts from a Hummer dealer. If you break a tierod or a ball joint off the road you are not going anywhere.

Storage Box contents

CTI Repair Parts

H1 Factory CTIS Repair Parts

Also shown is a wheel nut for a 2 piece steel wheel and a oil drain plug.

You can get the tire valves at auto supply stores. They sometimes call them tank valves.

Transfer case bypass kitThis is my H1 transfer case cooling loop bypass kit. If the cooling loop breaks you can use this to tie the two lines that go to the cooling loop together.

First Aid Kit

Electrical Parts

Tire Plug Kit

This has been one of my most useful items. It beats removing a tire on the trail.

Tire repair kit with plugs. Make sure that the Rubber Cement hasn't gone bad. I like the small sealed tubes. Once you open a tube it will dry out fast.

H2 Info

I carry a spare tie rod, even though I have the Fabtech HD ones, but you never know who may need it.  Never heard of any front driveline issues with an H2 while off-road.  Have been out with one H2 that broke a tooth off the rear ring gear and had to be flat bedded to the dealer. 

Most likely thing to break on an H2 is a tie rod, although if you are easy on the gas you will most probably never break one.

I did bend my center link once and had to do a roadside alignment to save my tires from scrubbing away


H2 parts

tie rods, one halfshaft, belt, and hoses.  H3 parts observed (interesting to see this one!) consisted of what looked like a curved and L-shaped shock support bracket (looks like it attaches to the leaf spring pack, which makes sense - it's the lowest hanging part of the truck), some steering components, and hoses - no belts though.