New Model in 05

Icom came out with a new radio in 2005, the IC7000. It looks really nice and has improvements over the 706. It does cost 1,500.00. This means that there will probably be a bunch of nice used IC706MIIG's for sale.

Yaesu FTM-10R 2008

A neat 2m / 70 cm radio with amfm and intercom that might be of interest. This radio is billed as a radio for all weather activity. It receives AM/ FM stations and has an intercom for use on motorcycles etc.


Get Your License

You Must get your Ham radio license to be legal and to appreciate what the radio can do. Get the "Now Your Talking" ARRL Book to study for your Tech license. You can Download the test generator from this site and take practice tests. I used this software to study for both my Tech and General Licenses.

No More Code Required for ANY Ham Licence!!!

Installing an Icom IC 706 MKII G
in a Hummer Wagon

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Updated April 18, 2016

IcomI've been getting a bunch of calls asking "what radio can I get that will do all the frequencies? I don't want to have a CB, UHF/FM and a FRS in my truck cluttering up the cabin". As of this date the best choice is the ICOM. While this radio isn't the only radio that covers these bands it's one of the highest quality and most compact. You don't know the radio is there except for the faceplate which is removable. This radio is a high quality 100 watt SSB (single sideband) shortwave amateur transceiver that takes some know-how to use. This project will cost you less then $2000. 

Open Up the Radio

The radio is all mode meaning it will transmit FM, AM, SSB and CW. It outputs 100 watts on side band, 50 watts on FM 2 meter and 25 watts on 70cm (440) and 40 watts on AM (CB). 

All amateur radios come set to transmit only on amateur frequencies by law. This radio will cover almost every band imaginable for Amateur, commercial and CB with a small modification. This modification is intended for use in Europe and by Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) members and now for the new 60 meter ham band.