"10 Codes" Associated Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO)

Popular Radio Frequencies

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Ten-1 Can't understand your message Ten-18 Urgent
Ten-2 Your signal is good Ten-19 Contact *****
Ten-3 Stop transmitting Ten-20 Unit location
Ten-4 Message Received OK Ten-21 Call ***** by telephone
Ten-5 Relay information to ***** Ten-22 Cancel last message
Ten-6 Station is busy Ten-23 Arrived at scene
Ten-7 Out of service Ten-24 Assignment completed
Ten-8 In service Ten-25 Meet *****
Ten-9 Repeat last message Ten-26 Estimated time of arrival is ------
Ten-10 Negative "NO" Ten-27 Request for license information
Ten-11 ***** In Service Ten-28 Request for registration information
Ten-12 Stand by Ten-29 Check records
Ten-13 Report ------ Conditions Ten-30 Use caution
Ten-14 Information Ten-31 Pick up
Ten-15 Message delivered Ten-32 Units requested
Ten-16 Reply to Message Ten-33 Emergency! officer needs help
Ten-17 Enroute Ten-34 Correct time
***** = Person's name